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URL Example

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The dashboard lets you control everything. Manage your short product URLs, looks at stats, create retargeting splash pages and your settings, all from the same dashboard.

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Facebook Splash Pages

Add Your Facebook Retargeting Pixel Retarget your customers on Facebook

No need to create your own website just to retarget them using your Facebook retargeting pixel, simply create your own custom Retargeting Splash Page. Once created you can direct traffic to the splash page where your Facebook retargeting pixel will be triggered prior to seeing your Amazon product page.

Password Protect

Definir uma senha para proteger seus links de acesso não autorizado.


GeoTarget seus links para redirecionar os visitantes para páginas especializadas e aumentar a sua conversão.

You Retain Your Info will never sell or use your links or account information


Compartilhar suas ligações em um clique através do painel de instrumentos.

Analytics completos Track each and every user visits your Amazon page from your shortened link allows you to track everything. Whether it is the amount of clicks, the country or the referrer, the data is there.

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